• Theme Plugins

    NetfunkTheme comes loaded with native plugin system giving you even more expansion possibilities. Though preloaded with only a small few, we offer a vast array of plugins to add support...

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  • Category Page Multi-Display Modes

    We love modes. Especially when it's to help organize a lot of content. One of our favorite features is the Multi-Display mode options for Category pages, providing layouts styles for...

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  • Prefer Pages to Posts?

      We sometimes prefer to feature pages, rather then blog posts. For one, pages are cleaner looking and offer a more focused display for the reader. This concept makes switching...

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  • Customize Front Page Layouts

    We sought out to offer a flexible and quick way to use this one theme for any style business or multimedia application. Your front page layout may be altered to...

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Theme Plugins

By: netfunkdesign On: March 5, 2014

Category Page Multi-Display Modes

By: netfunkdesign On: March 5, 2014

Prefer Pages to Posts?

By: netfunkdesign On: March 3, 2014

Customize Front Page Layouts

By: netfunkdesign On: March 3, 2014

Featured Content

By: netfunkdesign On: March 2, 2014

Hello world!

By: netfunkdesign On: March 1, 2014

Page Bottom Content Area

Use the Page Bottom content areas to place what ever you like. Be it Google Adsense or more Featured Category widgets.

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