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adBuddy+ (AdBlocker Detection) for Wordpress

Display a notification window to ask your visitors to disable their AdBlocker add-on software.

adBuddy+ (AdBlocker Detection Plugin)

This is a Wordpress plugin created to display a pop-up notification window to ask website visitors to disable their AdBlocker add-on software. Additional support for custom display image, custom alert title, notification message and more, all editable from the plugin options page.

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  • Detect website visitors using Ad blocking software.
  • Mandatory or passive mode to either force your visitors to disable AdBlocker or allow them to view the site with persistent reminders.
  • Display custom images or embed ads to your visitors on the pop-up notification window.
  • Customize the notification message and other content.
  • Detects for whether JavaScript is enabled or not.
  • More coming soon...


  1. Install adBuddy+ either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server
  2. After activating adBuddy+ you may need to add the CSS class *.adbuddy-protected* to your ad container(s).
  3. Go to the plugins options page and make any necessary changes to the pop-up content information.
  4. You're done. Start taking back your ad revenue...

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1. I have activated the plugin, but it's not working, what's going on?

Be sure to add the class *.adbuddy-protected* to your ad container(s). This currently only auto-detects most Google ads.

2. How do I use this on mobile sites

Add the CSS class *.not-mobile* to disable on mobile sites.

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This plugin was developed by NetfunkDesign and was built on the adBuddy + jsBuddy software by Jmlevick. We simply put it into a Wordpress plugin. All credit should really go to Jmlevick. Visit the original project on github.

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